...which represents impressions, opinions and possibly insights gained during a twenty day
tour which selectively dipped into a very large and complex society.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

July 22: Eclipse of the sun on the Yangtze

We are cruising down the Yangtze on the one day where it is the place to be to best see a complete eclipse of the sun. I had not know about this event when we booked our trip ... and our tour company never mentioned it. I cannot look at the sun, nor aim my camera directly at it. As I look over the water I see several boats filled with tourists waiting for the big astronomical event to occur around at 9 AM. Then, when it does, the darkening happens very quickly and the river and the mountains look quite magical in the dimming light.

Later in the day we travel in a sanpan to explore one of the tributaries of Yangtze. The water is clear and the view is unspoiled.



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